We are a 100% potosina created in 1995 in order to serve the market the center of the republic in marketing materials and recyclable waste. And the requirements and needs of all matters relating to waste and recyclables generated by the industry in general, interested in the environment and recycling focused most common wastes at home, in trade and industry.

Our company contributes to the industry in waste management, either for recycling or disposal. By recycling waste can be reduced by up to 50% the volume of waste going to landfill; as well as harmful gases, this implies a considerable saving of water and energy.

MRS since its inception has focused on the development of a quality process staying true to our values:

  • Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • Responsibility
  • Enthusiasm


  • Buy and Sell waste and materials (paper, aluminum …)

  • Recycling non-hazardous waste or recyclables at no cost

  • Availability of containers without cost

  • Cleanliness, order and collection of waste your company with qualified staff

  • Collection of household waste recycling

  • Hazardous waste management companies in Mexico

  • Service destruction of confidential files and worthless, with all security and safety

  • Delivery of manifestos SEGAM

  • Installing compactors and equipment needed in your company

  • Consulting and service environmental impact analysis short and long-term business


Become the leading enterprise management and waste management in the center of the country to provide the society a solution comprehensive and ecological recycling management of resources and waste through honest work , with quality as a means seeking excellence and loyalty in its employees, with the highest sense of responsibility, focused on the security and prosperity of the entire organization .


Provide comprehensive services in the management of resources and waste, promoting in society a culture of awareness and respect for the environment by recycling , taking the customer with a high level of efficiency with quality and enthusiasm, always on time, looking exceed your expectations at a fair price