Industrial Garbage Containers and Compactos in México

The collection of the materials you need to clear to have more organization and / or space, is a task MRS perform for you with pleasure. We have container service that suits your needs and metal containers with the collection of waste and materials will be made .

Metal containers   1m3
Metal containers   12m3
Metal containers  20m3

By using our containers your company and ours will further speed the collection and sorting of garbage and waste , with this we make sure to have proper control of what your management is classified and for recycling of these . Or to have them in case they are hazardous waste.


Your commitment is to the environment and society . MRS is too, so help and advice will be a pleasure . We have the right services and the right infrastructure for waste management in your company at the best prices . You put your improving the planet , contact part and we put our part treating the waste and rubbish properly for subsequent decomposition and proper recycling .